Community Research

During the research stage, we gather information about your business and customers.  We identify your areas of opportunity, learn what’s being said about your company, and execute your social media campaigns and activities.

Social Media Channel Strategy

One of the key factors about choosing which social media channels to be present in is having a clear understanding about where your prospective customers are. This process involves understanding the difference between social platforms, their purpose, and your goals for social media. We strategize the way posts will be distributed across your social platforms.



Posts and Interaction

We use our resources to manage your multiple accounts effectively. We spread important messages about your company across different social media channels ensuring your visitors don’t miss out on important information. We conduct activities and generate attractive, compelling content that is interesting and innovative.

Community Building

We help you achieve a successful level of engagement on your social media channels by active community building. Social media channels are highly interactive; we ask questions, share news making your brand an active voice in your industry where you become the go-to resource for consumers and your fan base.



Campaign Strategy

An effective campaign strategy consists of engaging your existing fans and enticing potential fans to “Like”, “Follow you”, or perform an action through special offers, exclusive content, and other incentives. We focus on those social platforms where your target audience is participating in.

Social Monitoring

To monitor social media performance, we use advanced monitoring tools and resources to get better idea of how your business is doing. We provide our customers with a monthly report detailing their social mentions, likes, new followers and insight into your businesses interactions.